Our Mission:

        Assist Veterans, Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, and their Families in any way that we can.

We Serve Nevada - Arizona - Montana

In Arizona we have modified our mission to include our surrounding communities with the addition of a Food Pantry that is available to all that have a need.

About US

David I Craig - President

Let me tell you a little bit about myself



  • I Graduated High School in 1963.

  •  Served 4 years as a aircraft mechanic in the USAF

  •  Served 4 mo. in Vietnam April to Aug 1966 was Honorably Discharged in July 1967.

  • Worked for General Telephone California as a central office technician from 1967 to 1972.

  • 1972 to 1989 worked as a construction worker in new home construction in Missouri,

       New Mexico,Texas, and Arizona.

  • I joined the Arizona National Guard in June of 1989.

  • I moved to Las Vegas Nevada in October 1989 and worked for a construction company named        Knipp Brothers INC. which became, SelectBuild and ultimately became BMC.

  • I continued serving in the National Guard in Nevada, from 1989 to 2005 with training in Communications, Nuclear Biological Chemical Operations, Motor Transport Operations, Movement Operations and Mobilization Operations. I retired in 2005 at the rank of Sgt First Class.

  • December 2008 I became a founding Director of Soldiers And Families First a Nevada 501c3

    charitable nonprofit organization. dedicated to helping our military

  • I retired from BMC in September 2011, Moved to Arizona and started a business selling water in

     the desert know as D & D Water.

  • Left Soldiers And Families First in July 2014  to became one of the founders of THANK A VET.

     I now hold the office of President of this newly formed 501c3 Non-Profit with operations in 

     Arizona, Nevada and Montana

   Although I now hold the office of President and have over-site of the corporation's operations, you will find me talking to veterans in a market, asking them if they have signed up with the VA for possible benefits, helping pass out food at our food pantry, passing out toys at Christmas, transport kids to "Operation Kids Camp",and help the local Veterans get to appointments.


   I hardly ever wear a suit, I have no office hours, I am always available 24/7 365. If someone needs help, our directors and I will do what we can to assist that person or family.

Our directors and volunteer's do not receive any salaries. 

​​​Debra R Craig - Director / Secretary


I am proud to be serving my country in any way that I can. Through out the years, I have been a family readiness volunteer with the Nevada Army National Guard for close to 10 years as a unit family readiness coordinator, then as a Battalion Family Readiness Coordinator. During that time, I volunteered as a secretary for the Las Vegas, Nevada Veteran's Day Pararde for 3 years.

I have met a lot of great Veterans over the years and seen first hand what they have sacrificed for us     civilians. It has made me appreciate them all the more.

Throughout my family readiness volunteering, I came to realize that there is way too much 'foo-foo and fluff'.  We keep it simple and 'Confidential'.  I put together a 'Being Prepared' pamplet.  As my husband states it is the 'Beans and Bullets' to prepare the families. Those of you that are in the military understand this. 

We do not like all the foo-foo and fluff that many organizations have. We keep it simple.

If you would like a pamplet pleae let us know and we will get you one.  They are free.

My husband, myself, Scott Stalker and his wife Donna started a 501c3 in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2008.

Named Soldiers And Families First.  We tried to catch those falling through the cracks.

Those that need a hand up, not a hand out.

My husband and I retired and moved to Arizona.  The helping others, especially veterans has never stopped. So we formed a 501c3 Non-Profit called, Thank A Vet in Arizona and Nevada. 

We help wherever and however we can. 

We have started a food pantry to feed the community.  We serve around 180 families a month.

We have great volunteers, and many of them are veterans. We keep everything confidential which encourages the service-members and their families to come to us.  We are here for you!


If you have any questions, please call. A real person will talk to you.  : )



Paula Carter - Director

     My name is Paula Carter and before I tell you a little bit about myself I want to say Thank you to all who   have served our great country. I also want to say Thank you to the families of our service men and women.


    Being a Director of Thank A Vet is a honor, and I am truly blessed to be a part it with Deb and David.

   Before Thank A Vet, I was the Lead Volunteer for Soldiers and Families First. My family and I went through a rough spot when my soldier was deployed and we needed help, Soldiers and Families First was there to help my family.  I decided that I wanted to give back and started volunteering. After a while I became their Lead Volunteer.

    After a few years of doing that David, Deb and I started Thank A Vet. We have expanded so much and have been able to help so many.  We are truly blessed in all that we have and continue to do. We have great resources and great organizations that help us.


If you are reading this and need help, please ask. That is what we are here for.

I have been there, afraid to ask and scared that someone would find out.

I want you to know that we keep everything confidential and no one will ever know that you came to us. 

If we have the means to help we will.


God Bless,

Paula Carter

To those of you who support the troops and their families


               'We Salute You'          





        Services: Free

          Remember Veterans:

             You are not alone.


8780 W Horizon RD.

Golden Valley, AZ.


 White House / VA Veterans

       Complaint Hotline


          Eastern Time


           Veterans Crisis Line:


                    Press 1









David I Craig-702-326-8054
Paula Carter-702-788-2006
Debra Craig-702-327-5474